Talent lies within Diversity.


We help unlock that talent by providing diversity groups with technology training and put them on a path to productive careers.

We work with diversity groups to provide them with the opportunity and support needed to obtain Canadian employment and build their careers

We work with companies to find top talent that meets their needs while also giving them the opportunity to contribute to a significant social cause.

By mapping the hard-earned skills and professional backgrounds of our Diversity groups, we are highlighting the contributions these groups can make in the technology sector of the Canadian economy.

We provide technology training and help with professional certifications in popular enterprise software solutions.  Courses are provided with leading non-profit and leading fortune 500 companies in Canada


Rainbow Cloud partners include a close network of passionate individuals, institutions, and corporations who aim to create a paradigm shift in how the Canadian economy unlocks technology talent in diversity groups like new immigrants, LGBT, and women returning to the workplace.


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